Innovative & Sustainable manufacturing are part of the DNA of the Elli creative process. Our challenge is to reshape the current design procedure, combining Italian tradition and excellence, with innovative and sustainable technology. Manufactured through the seamless collaboration between designers, artisans and robots, our first collection links the past of Italian design to its sustainable, innovative future.

For this reason we have a network of professional artisans and innovative methods. We are a firm advocate of circular manufacturing, by using 3d printing technology each furniture produced can be recycled in turn, transforming it into a recovered material to produce something new. Pieces created can be transformed and used again, we bet on the concept of “Made & remade”.

Our collections are made of polymeric materials from recycled sources. Furthermore, the production process used, allows us to manufacture objects according to a zero waste logic and in full compliance with the circular economy rules. By virtuously exploiting the incredible properties of plastic, Elli’s products are in turn 100% recyclable once they reach the end of their life cycle. We rely on new technology possibilities, circular materials and creativity to propose sustainable solutions for the planet.